Mr. Mergers's Commission

By: David Ihnen

NOTECommission of Mr Mergers
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Story outline: Man is having bachelor party. Its set up to be a grand success with a mage attending for magic tricks, and an escort who is bringing her dog for an extra-special show.

The escort and her dog have matching collars - these are magically bound together, effectively being a magical leash.

After alot of teasing and dancing, the escort takes the guest of honor into the bedroom with her dog for a private showing. She strips, gets down, and starts sucking his cock, while the dog starts fucking her.

The other guests try to get the mage to make the woman's breasts bigger, since they know their friend likes big breasts - and he's marrying a woman who isn't all that impressive. When he does so, the magical collars backfire, envelop their wearers, and merge together. The woman is focusing on the man, and the dog is focusing on fucking, so when they merge, the resulting being focuses on fucking the man. The powerful resulting being, half powerful guard dog, half escort/slut catches the man as he tries to scramble away in panic and rapes him, imbued with the leftover release-power of the collars.


Gordon strutted over to the bar and poured another drink, gin and tonic on the rocks. He turned around and grinned as he watched his bachelor party in full swing. The mage turned out to be far better than his price would indicate, pulling fantastic tricks. Mike, who they always teased for being poorly hung, had a thick sausage of flesh stretching his jeans two thirds the way to his knee. Seth was batting around a glowing ball of energy that made him giggle every time touched it. The mage reclined on the couch, looking amused. Gordon took a sip of his gin as the door rang. His best friend, Joe, went to answer it.

He returned, a coat over his arm, with a tall blonde woman. "Gentlemen!" he announced, "May I present Rene, and her studly companion, Rex!"

There were some howls from the group, the woman posed for them, smiling seductively. Her relatively husky voice rang out, "Hi Boys! Ready for some fun?"

She was a couple inches shorter than Joe's six foot two, making her a strikingly tall woman. Her strong features were framed by long, blonde hair worn in a simple, straight style. A leather collar accented her neck, a single diamond broach on the front of it. Her bust was contained by a tight satin black dress, trimmed with black lace. The slit in the dress showed surprisingly long legs. Close beside her, standing halfway up her thigh was a large German Shepherd Dog, his nose flaring as he took in the scent of the people in the room. The dog wore an apparently identical collar, lacking the diamonds.

Joe put on some music, while Mike muted the game on the TV. Rene began to dance, the dog laying on the floor and watching quietly. Gordon sidled over to Joe, eyes never leaving the dancer as she expertly worked Mike into a state of arousal that threatened to burst his jeans.

"Hey, Joe. Whats up with the dog?"

Joe glanced down at the german shepherd. He was steadfastly watching Rene. "Heh, an extra special show." He winked at Gordon. "You know your chat program writes log files onto your computer?"

Gordon swallowed, feeling a little light headed, and it wasn't just the gin. "It does?"

Joe thumped him on his back, laughing loudly. He leaned close and said conspiratorily. "Hell man, I'll tell you later what I found on Mike's computer! Think nothing of it!"

Gordon's heart beat faster. "Is... She gonna... the dog..." He could feel his underwear tighten as his mind raced over the fantasies he had been discussing online.

Joe grinned, and pushed Gordon over towards the lazy boy. "Come on, its your party! Enjoy it!"

The woman was soon straddling him in the big recliner, her medium sized breasts swaying inches away from his face, a tantalizingly sweet yet slightly musky scent emphasizing her closeness, her hips actually grinding against his. His rock hard arousal was separated from her moistness by only by the denim of his jeans and the thin cloth of her sheer underwear, the dress shed sometime earlier. This combined with the panting presence of the Shepherd on the floor nearby, he couldn't remember being so turned on before!

Rene took a break after her dancing, sitting on Mike's lap, cheering as loud as any when the home team made a touchdown. As the game wrapped up, Joe winked at Rene, and nodded towards the bedroom. She stood and dissappeared down the hallway, the dog following her. Mike limped stiffly down the hallway and dissappeared into the bathroom, to the snickers of his friends.

"Come on Gordon, its your lucky day!" said Joe, taking the fifth gin and tonic from his friend's hand. He pulled Gordon to his feet and spoke to everybody. "Tonight, Guys!" he waited until they settled down, "Tonight, Gordon here is gonna get it. Rene is gonna get give Gordon the best blowjob of his life! Maybe the LAST, you know about marriage!"

The guys howled and encouraged Gordon, half carrying him down the hallway and pulling the master bedroom door closed behind him. With him safely isolated, Joe turned and grinned at his friends. In a low voice he whispered, "and we're gettin it on VIDEO!"

They howled and trooped back to the living room, switching a cable on the back of the big screen brought up a clear picture of the master bedroom. Gordon was pulling off his shirt, Rene was petting Rex's head, reclining on the bed, watching him with a smile. She had taken off her bra, her breasts drooping slightly.

"Them're all natural, man!" Joe pointed out. "But Gordon likes big ones. He nudged the mage. "Make'm bigger, man!"

"I dunno..." said the mage, shifting uncomfortably, "she's got somethin on..."

"yeah, just some panties!" laughed the others, "come on. Big Boobs! Big Boobs!" they chanted.

Gordon kicked off his shoes then undid the snap on his jeans and pulled them down, revealing his well tented boxers to the beautiful stranger in the bed. He pulled off his jeans, then finally dropped his boxers. His cock stood out, the foreskin obscured head purple in arousal, throbbing a solid seven inches from his groin.

"Ooh, nice." said Rene, sliding her panties off and kneeling beside the bed. "Joe tells me you love blowjobs."

Gordon nodded, panting in arousal, feeling light headed from the drinks. "Hell yeah! And the dog, fucking you while you do it!"

Rene smiled, a soft hand stroking the red flesh of his cock, sliding the foreskin back to reveal his throbbing nob. "MMm, I love sucking cock while I get plowed." She flashed a signal to Rex, who jumped up, running over as she leaned to suck on Gordon's cock, digging his nose down between her legs. She leaned over and licked his cock, her tongue sliding over the thick leaking tip.

Gordon shivered, eyes locked on the dog, helplessly hard. The dog's tail wagged, his loud slurping making Rene moan, taking his cock into her mouth. "Oh, hell yeah." he groaned, flexing his hips. She willingly let his whole cock sink into her throat, her tongue doing wonderful things to the underside.

Rene shifted slightly to pat her back, and Rex mounted, his paws wrapped around her waist, his hips thrusting eagerly. She twitched as the dog poked up, finding the spot. "Ooh!" And then a deep satisfied groan as the canine found the groove, his hips moving in eager thrusts, obviously pounding into the woman. Gordon's eyes widened, his cock throbbing all the harder. He felt like he could cum at any second!

Rene focused on the cock, sliding her mouth over it, letting herself moan and grunt in response to Rex's performance. His pokey dog cock slid up into her, sliding madly against her clit as he pounded, making her body flush as she worked her client's knob. He was a bit musky, probalby hadn't showered recently, but she would give him his friend's money's worth - and he sure had paid well.

Rex pounded lustfully, feeling the surge of pleasure filling his loins that drove his hips forward again and again. He loved fucking, it felt so good.

Mike was desperately sucking himself in the bathroom. The temporary transformation of his four incher into fourteen was incredible. But that hooker sitting on his lap had been too much. He gurgled around his huge cock, shoving it back into his throat as he shivered and gasped, a hand holding a matching pair of large balls. It felt so good! He started to gag, his stomach clenching, making him double over a bit, driving his cock past the point in his throat, swallowing part of it. His hips twitched, and he almost came. But he had to breath, he backed off, panting heavily, staring at his throbbing cock in the mirror. It was so big!

In the living room, the guests were masturbating, eyes locked on the tube as the dog went to town on Rene. The angle wasn't the best, but they could see his hips working quickly up against her back, and the rythmic sound wasn't her liesurely blowjob. The Mage had been convinced to make her breasts bigger, and was leaning back, eyes closed, trying to find her over the distance.

Garth felt the glow of Gordon's arousal and the dog's, finding her in between. He could see the collars clearly, apparently some sort of magic leash bond. He reached in, finding her body, the form, the breasts. There, now all he needed was some energy... he opened a flow into her. And then abruptly everything went white. He closed down and panted. Shit, what happened?

The screen flashed and blurred to the dismay of the watchers, the camera's servos whirring as it tried to focus, shifting in and out but never finding it.

Gordon groaned in pleasure, feeling the woman's soft mouth stroke him so nicely. She wouldn't have to continue it long until he would cum, and cum hard. He stared at the dog's hips pounding into her. Suddenly, the dog's collar flashed brightly, seeming to envelop the dog in a strange green glow. The woman was glowing too, only red! The green and red glows seemed to swirl where they were touching each other, and before his eyes they began to change. The dog seemed to simply sink into her, his fur spreading around her torso. Her hips started humping in time with his, and then they just became one in a disconcerting way. He gasped as the change swept up her back, her head distorting, flattening on top, lengthening in the front to a german shepherd muzzle, his cock in it! The tongue was almost soft, almost rough, licking, the teeth... and...

"Oh god" groaned Gordon.

And he came, his balls pulling close as orgasm burned through his loins, his spraying copious ropes into the cano-human's muzzle, the swirling red and green fading and dissappearing as the creature seemed to solidify, licking at his cock as the last twitches of his cum came out.

Rene gasped as her color seemed to heat against her neck suddenly, in a flash the sensation covered her whole body. She tried to steady herself, mind at first thinking that she was going into shock. She took a deep breath and tried to steady herself, focusing on the cock, licking, sucking. He was going to cum soon, she knew it, he probably wanted to cum on her face.

Rex powered into her, not even pausing when his color seared then enveloped him in hot sensation. His world was his penis, driving it, feeling her heat around him. And it was hotter. He redoubled his efforts, slamming his hips against her rear, feeling his cock grow, thicker, orgasm nearing... Then slipping away...

Rene felt her body flush all the more, her hips starting to twitch, an unfamiliar hardness growing, more weight swelling on her chest. What was happening? But sie couldn't let this stop hir client from enjoying himself. Sie focused on the cock, feeling it slip from hir throat, hir nose pressing into his groin as a muzzle formed. Hir hips kept humping, a burning need filling hir loins that demanded sie fuck. Her tongue licking and stroking along the underside of his cock, now shorter than her tongue. And he came. His cum was better than any sie remembered tasting before, thick and sweet. Sie swallowed eagerly, licking and slurping, pulling his cum into hir throat.

Rene/Rex shook hir fur out, feeling heavy breasts jiggle on hir chest. The spurting dick was now withdrawn from hir muzzle. The client was satisfied, now sie was going to get off. The man was scrambling away, so sie grabbed his leg, hauling him closer. The need burned in hir loins, so close, deprived of orgasm. Sie pulled the familiar shape of ass towards hir loins, driving up. The first thrust was too low, hitting the hardness of bone. Sie shifted stance and thrust again, feeling the yielding flesh give way before her powerful thrust.

"Oh, shit." Gordon said, looking at the strange beast. Its body was lean, powerful, and panting. She had a huge set of teeth, he couldn't believe his dick had just cum in that muzzle! And it was most definitely part male, he could even see its balls swinging, a large, thick and hard cock protruding from a fuzzy foreskin as he air humped. It looked to be as big as Mike's! It shook and stood up, licking its muzzle, advancing on him as scrambled backwards on the bed. It had breasts, four of them, and brother were they huge, bouncing with every movement. It detachedly occured to him that if they were on two women, they'd be perfect.

The beast reached over and grabbed his leg, yanking him towards him. "Shit, lemme go!" Gordon protested, twisting over onto his stomach as he tried to pull his leg out of its grasp. His cock was still hard, digging painfully into the bed.

It was fruitless, the powerful beast grabbed his hips and pulled him bodily half off the bed, the claw-tipped hands lifting him like a toy.

The living room was silent, save for the noise coming from the screen. They all sat staring at the screen, oblivious to the mage edging towards the door. The beast that was onscreen was tall and leanly muscled, a long torso emphasized by two large sets of breasts. "Will you look at those knockers!" said somebody. "Look at that dick!" exclaimed another as the state of arousal of the beast became obvious.

"Gordon's in for it now!" said another, starting to stroke himself quickly as the beast pulled Gordon towards it.

Mike gurgled happily in the bathroom, oblivious to the passage of time as he sucked himself. It felt so good, his mouth on his cock. His tongue, his throat. He could swallow around it, yeah, like that. His throat was so tight, it squeezed and pulled, milking at his cock in the most delicious way. He swallowed again and again, ignoring the need to breath, pushing more and more of the cock into his throat. Just when he thought he was going to cum, he had to back of and pant hard. He noticed the big cock drooling more precum than he used to cum, dribbling a trail down the side of his throbbing member. He licked it up, relishing the taste.

Gordon tried to grab at the mattress, at the sheets, but the monster was too powerful. He felt the thick cock probing at him, first bumping his balls, then sliding higher, finding the more yielding spot of his ass. "NO!" he cried out in pain as the monster sunk in eagerly, impaling him on its thick cock. His head swam with alcohol and pain, he couldn't believe what was happening. His ass burned, and he struggled, kicking and scrabbling for purchase. The monster didn't let go, instead driving his hips so hard he could feel its hips hit his ass. He sobbed as the monster kept fucking him, shoving and yanking at high speed, obviously in deep need of getting off.

The mage quietly closed the door, walked quickly to his car, then drove away as fast as he could. If his magic worked right, they would forget who he was, and wouldn'tbe able to identify him. He couldn't be held responsible for what happened there! What kind of nut would use a codimensional separation for a dog leash!?

Joe shifted uncomfortably. "Guys, we should help him!"

"Hell no man, you see what kinda teeth that thing has?"

"Yeah, besides, its just fucking him, its not like, biting him or nothin."

Joe frowned, fastening his pants, walking partway down the hall, but still within sight of the guys in the living room.

Mike was finally close, bobbing his head down onto the big cock, feeling his balls churn, the glow of pleasure in his hips growing until it exploded. He felt the cock in his throat swell thicker as his loins contracted, the orgasmic rush driving great splashes of cum into his throat. He pulled back, getting a huge mouthful, then swallowing it and his cock at the same time, feeling it throb and gush several more times in his throat, his esophagus tickling with the fluid. He backed off and swallowed hard a few times, watching whistfully as the admittedly temporary augmentation withered away, leaving him still hard, but his normal size. That was too much fun. He was going to save up and find a mage that could change him permanently, for sure!

Rene/Rex pounded up into the flesh, feeling the hot tightness surround hir. It felt so good, sie was going to cum this time. Sie could feel it. It was taking a long time, he was going to squirm away! Sie grabbed his neck firmly in hir muzzle, hir hips pounding faster, driving into him. Hir breasts rubbed against his smooth back, feeling thick and heavy. Hir cock started to swell, hir cum swelling in hir loins, filling her mind with pleasure. Yes, now sie was going to be fulfilled! Sie shuddered, cock swelling as orgasm burned through hir body, jet after jet of hir seed gushing into the tight channel. Yess...

Gordon sobbed as he struggled, trying to get away from the rape. Suddenly, he felt teeth on his neck, the creature holding him tightly in its jaws. The teeth pressing into his flesh hurt, he screamed and tried to struggle, but that hurt more. The pain in his ass was compounded as the cock seemed to be growing, splitting him wide. "Shit! shit! shit!" he swore, helplessly held in powerful arms and teeth, the burning inside him suddenly changing as the monster shoved in all the way, his bowels clenching helplessly as the cock swelled inside him, bigger, bigger, tingles of pain shooting up his spine. And then it came, a hot flood of fluid that filled the remaining space inside him in a matter of seconds. "FUCK!!!" he yelled, his stomach cramping, causing him to twitch and yank against the teeth holding his neck. He continued to twitch helplessly for long seconds as his insides slowly accomodated the flow, tingles of pain making flashes of light behind his eyes.

Those in the living room silently watched the events, and as things seemed to wid down, suddenly had pressing issues happening elsewhere. They made lame excuses and rushed out, leaving Joe standing in his living room, frowning indecisively.

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