Ranger Rick

By: David Ihnen

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The May issue of SCABS was worth the entire years subscription price to me. The main gallery in it was titled with the old ambiguous rhyme, "Ranger Rick and his Big Dog Dick". I admit it, it caught my interest. Even before the martian flu, I had a thing for anthropomorphic dogs. And just plain old dogs too. They called me sick back then. Go figure. Now it turns out people like me are more common than they thought. SCABS just let them come out of the woodwork. But let me tell you about Rick.

The first page was this great looking man, appearing totally human. He's in the woods, in the dappled shade. There's a fern half hiding a black leather boot. He's clothed in a khaki ranger uniform, complete with smokey bear hat and button down shirt. He's leaning against the side of a black hard cover Hummer with forest logo and light bar. His intent look of interest is enough to set my heart thumping just at that. Dogs and anthromorphics aren't the only things that turn me on, you see.

On the next page he's sitting on the Hummer's tailgate. You can see the first aid kit and fire extinguisher strapped inside. He seems to be demonstrating one of those stretchy strip bandages. He's wrapping it around one of his feet. They're the first sign he's a scab. They're a bit shortened, with dog-like claws on the tips instead of human toenails. Both boots are off and his shirt is mostly unbuttoned. You can see his abs. You could do laundry on that washboard. His pecs are a beauty too. I had to sigh whistfully, but with much anticipation turned the next page.

The next shot shows the ranger bare chested. He's taken his shirt off, but not his hat. He's reclining in the back of the Hummer. He must be flexing, 'cause his pecs and biceps look bigger than ever. Its more apparent now than in the previous shots that his chest hair is more like fur. A dark brown, not very thick, but it looks wonderfully soft. His pants are unbuttoned, you can see the fur thicken as the curve of his body disappears into the clothing. He's got this coy expression on his face, like he's almost daring you to pounce him. Ooh, I'd do that in a heartbeat! I can't wait to see those pants down, either.

The next page shows his ass. And what a nice ass it is. Firm, round globes, not a spec of fat on them. They're covered with the same soft brown fur. He's leaning over the tailgate of the Hummer now, glancing alluringly over his muscled shoulder. His pants are pulled down just enough to show his ass and nothing else. The khaki is a nice contrast to his brown fur. He looks soo delicious. I'm not one to go licking people's asses, but if it would get me more with this guy, I'm slurping!

I'm almost trembling as I turn the next page. He's completely disrobed except for his hat now, leaning casually against the side of the Hummer again. He's got a sheath. That is SO hot! The thicker brown fur sweeps over it, hinting at its shape and what's inside. Below a pair of huge black-skinned balls hang, practically glistening in silky softness. I must pause and drool. That anything could be so perfect is almost beyond comprehension for me.

The next shot shows him on his back in the ferns, bits of forest floor leaves and twigs in his fur. He's got his hands up in the classic begging position, a pleading cute look on his face. The sharp pink of his penis shows against his brown tummy fur, protruding from his sheath just a couple inches. If you look carefully, you can see the slight bulge further down his sheath where his knot will form. What a horrible tease. His hat is laying next to his head on the ground.

I turned the next page so fast it started to rip. This was the centerfold spread. Ranger Rick is reclining against the tailgate of the Hummer now, leaning over backwards. His sheath is fully back, showing what seems like miles of lucious pink boned cock. The pointed phallus isn't hard, but you can see the bulge where his knot will be clearly. Ignore the water wrinkle on the corner there, I sorta drooled on it before.

The final two pages were a double whammy. The first time I saw it I had to change my underwear quite suddenly. In the first picture, he's hard. Rock hard with throbbing veins. Its drooping under its own weight, pointing down a bit. You can see some of his precum dripping off the end. It looked big before, but the bone doesn't do it justice. Its easily half again longer. And so thick I'd come close to dislocating my jaw to suck on it. His balls hung below in perfect porportion. Just think, almost a foot of hard dog dick, dripping arousal. I could just die!

The second was a special 3D shot. You need a stereograph to view these. I ordered one, 19.95, back when SLI first started putting them in their magazines. With trembling hands I removed the card at its perforations, careful not to rip it. I avoided looking directly at the picture so it would be a surprize. I brought the stereograph to my face, and opened my eyes. It showed Ranger Rick frozen in ecstacy. His muscles stood out in hard tension. Sweat beaded on his face, and amidst his soft brown fur. One hand clenched the tailgate of the hummer, the other was clamped around the base of his cock. His leg muscles stood out clearly. His cock was swollen even bigger, becoming discolored in the intensity of his arousal. The knot was huge, easily bigger than the ranger's clenched fist. Fluid dripped off the end of his glistening shaft. The whole image was so real, I whimpered aloud, reaching fruitlessly in front of me. I could see his hat, caught in midair as it fell off his head.

I had to change my underwear again. Call me a perv for getting off on pornography like this, but some things are just too perfect. You know, I think I'm going to take up camping. It says here he works in Yellowstone.

--- END Ranger Rick ---

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