By: David Ihnen

NOTESPerformed at Feral 2014 poetry circle
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Real. This poem is about Real

That what I don't say, what I don't act on.

Because I don't act on these, in trade

all I ask is that you forgive.

About racism

Like when I see a black man goin about his business

And my emotions say, he don't belong.

But I don't say anything, and I shake it off

As if a shake will cure my white male privilege

I hate the injustice of it. But the feeling is spontaneous.

About smoking

Or when a guy is smoking, smelly disgusting.

I hide the sneer, mask with a smile. Hide the lack of respect.

Respect for what, what is worth of that,

Perhaps how you respect your health?

About drinking

I've been drunk before. It sometimes amuses my friends.

But nothing good seems to come of it.

My best times have none of it.

The very idea that it is somehow



required for a good time?

I have no respect for that.

About recreational drugs


I don't have any patience for that.

I will remove myself from its proximity.

About fat

Obesity disgusts me. Overweight bothers me.

These people are out of their own apathy or ignorance

destroying their future for the pleasure of now.

I can understand how, and kind of why

But health is your own responsibility.

Isn't it?

Its the same shit - like smoking or drinking or drugs

They don't kill you now.

They feel good now

So you get heart disease



As if these maladies any LESS avoidable

Than those of lung cancer or liver disease

But it is real how it disgusts me, is it not?

About superstition

Nobody even cares that I know stuff.

I understand some rationalism and reality

Like there ain't no god, there ain't no myths

No ghosts or superstition stories with truth

The derision I feel when people pattern their lives on those lies

using faith and superstition instead of rationalism

I smile and nod, hide the rage filled rant at their stupid

I grew up mormon. I understand why. Learn Better.

About politics

Then there's my own ego, my solutions for these problems

Guaranteed minimum income - what will that fix?

Oh maybe homelessness

Food stamps.


Most of disability.

Minimum wage.

Even wage slavery

Maybe i'm wrong, maybe I'm right.

Nobody seems to care.

About rape

People care about rape

That's probably too real.

The night when in the height of passion

and burning mind fogging arousal

A clumbsily timed move that brought pain

Changing concentual to NO in a heartbeat

And my decision - impaired and fogged but still made

to continue three, four thrusts before the explosion

losing his trust forever after

That's the real I live with, when he turns away

and leaves me in bed alone.

Too real, right?

About elimination

I like peeing. Just the feeling of urination.

I like peeing in a diaper too.

wearing them helps me feel safe and relaxed.

I like anal everything. Giant dildos. Penises.

Especially big ones. Hell, I like pooping too.

I'll even do it in a diaper sometimes.

But not so often.

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