By: David Ihnen

NOTESThe character Shimrod in this story is not Shimrod the Dolphin from mucks and/or internet, who in no way condones underage sex. If you're going to bother somebody about it, bother me, okay?
SERIESSkylos and Shimrod
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Shimrod and Skylos followed Shimrod's mother through the crowded streets. People bustled about closing down the open air market, pulling down shutters to protect against the danger of inner city night. Skylos noticed a prostitute patiently waiting for a customer to untie, leaning against a building smoking a cigarette while making faces at the passerby's. He nudged his sister in law and she grinned.

"Yeah, she's good. You should try her sometime. Pay her well and she'll show you a real fun time. They listed her as one of the city's top attractions in last years advertisements! She's got a great tongue, I know from personal experience." she chatted.

They approached a town home set snugly over a wood carver's shop amidst the narrow windy streets. Up the narrow staircase, the first person he met was his brother, Dart. The man-dog had just walked in the door and was looking to his left over the cushion-covered living room when he was knocked into it by Dart, who was kissing him passionately before they hit the floor. Dart's cock shoved under Skylos's loincloth to rub against the visitor's suddenly aroused sheath.

* * *

The closeness between the brothers went way back, from exploring their own sexuality with each other in youth to intense lovemaking sessions whenever they were together in their adult life. Shimrod watched his father and uncle curiously for a few moments, then wandered off to see what his mother and siblings were up to.

His sister Shoofa was helping his mother finish up dinner. She had been cooking it while her mother was gone to pick up her brother. He gave her a friendly kiss, which she returned busily before sending him out of the room with a gentle whap on the rump. He wandered into the den where his brother was typing on the communications terminal.

"Hey Shimrod." said Jeff, not looking up.

"Hiya," responded Shimrod, "what's new?"

Jeff looked up and he and Shimrod exchanged friendly licks. "Did you have fun at uncle Skylos'?" he asked.

"Oh, yeah. I did lotsa stuff, plenty of room to run and play, places to explore. Cori was great, you should go and visit sometime, huh?"

Jeff grinned. "Yeah, maybe. I got stuff to do though!" He indicated the text that covered the screen, apparently some program code.

Shimrod's older brother had been doing his part of the work for the city on programming alone, a hard task to do. You only got credit for it if your work was flawless, as the systems could not afford bugs of any size.

The younger boy fuzzled Jeff's perky ears as they wandered into the dining room at the call of their mother. The delicious odors of stew reluctantly brought Skylos and Dart in from the other room. Skylos seemed to have lost his loincloth somewhere, and Dart's sheath was decidedly damp. Shimrod smiled as his own sheath twitched, thinking of how it got that way.

They all sat down on pillows around the low table, noisily slurping and eating the delicious stew. Conversation was around his sisters first heat, much to her embarrassment.

"Hey Skylos, my daughter here is finally in her first heat! Getting to be a big girl, isn't she?" announced Dart, cheerfully.

Skylos snuffled the air and grinned. "Not that I could tell over the stew, but her beauty certainly has always been among the city's finest!"

Shimrod snuffled his sister beside him curiously. She smelled arousing... a lot like Mom did when she and Dad would have sex all the time. He had always been told that girls wanted sex the most when they were in heat, and that it was the only time they could make babies.

Shaira patted her daughter. "Don't' let them bother you dear, I told you they would do this." She glared at Dart and Skylos, who hid behind bowls of stew.

The young girl nodded shyly. Unlike the other children, Shoofa had never gotten into having sex, preferring instead to read books and study her martial arts. She had been known to beat up more than one amorous fellow in her time, her drop-dead good looks forcing her to demonstrate that when she said no, she meant no!

* * *

As the stew vanished the family dispersed, Shimrod could be found sprawled out in the corner of the living room, watching his father and Skylos play.

Dart had his muzzle firmly planted between Skylos' ass cheeks. He had loved licking his brother for as long as he could remember, he loved the feeling of damp fur stroking over his tongue as he pressed it in between the tight globes, savoring the wonderful taste. His own cock throbbed and dripped in his arousal, dampening the cushion beneath him as he licked dedicatedly at the rear. It seemed as if nothing existed but his tongue and his brother's awesome ass. Even his own wife's rear wasn't as appealing to him as his brother's, much as he loved licking her too.

Perhaps it was something about being his own brother, or maybe just the different metabolisms they had. Skylos moaned happily, the wonderful tongue drilling and stroking, filling him with the warm pleasure of having his prostate and rear stroked so gently, slickly by the tongue, his own cock freely soaking his front with the precum of his arousal.

* * *

Shaira took the stewpot and dishes to the kitchen, drafting Shoofa and Jeff to help carry the dirty bowls. They stacked them in the sterilizer and ran off before they were put to more work.

The children's bedroom was a fairly small room, space was expensive in the city. Each sibling had a few yards of space down the oblong room, enough room for their bed and dresser, all separated by wooden and cloth screens in various states of disrepair, showing many patches from years of children.

Feeling half aroused from watching his uncle and father, Shimrod stretched out on his bed, having stripped away his loincloth to lay in the fur. He felt happy in the familiar surroundings; the firmness of his sleeping pad, the grain of the wood in the cieling, the smells of home. It had been weeks he was gone and he had never shaken his homesickness. He reached over and picked up the book he forgot to take with him, paging through it to find the spot where he left off. His hand absently wandered to his crotch, stroking his balls and sheath gently, sighing happily as he read.

* * *

Shimrod's sister, Shoofa, wandered out of the kitchen in search of something to do. She could cook more but it didn't need to be done. After all, she thought, there was practice to do. She walked to her area of the bedroom, glancing at Shimrod as she passed. He was propped up on a large cushion, studiously reading a book with one hand securely around his balls. She smiled gently. Boys were so attached to their genetalia.

Come to think, she thought, it was a new sensation for her. The heat between her legs was driving her crazy, an intense need that she just couldn't fulfill.

She couldn't bring herself to break the promise she had made so many years ago, shortly after her first time, not to get involved in any more sex. Seeing her classmates screw between every class had always bothered her. She didn't want or need sex, it felt nice but just wasn't that terrific. She thought if she could just hold out until her heat receded that everything would be okay...

She started her stretches, bending this way and that, removing her loincloth to stop the inconvenience of having it flop in her face every time she stood on her head. As she went through the familiar routine, her mind kept wandering to her swollen crotch, a familiar fantasy kept playing through her mind. One of intensity, sexual release, and absolute joy. It was a dream she had months ago, but recurrently lately. She would wake up with the bed soaking wet, and would scramble to clean it up before morning so that nobody would suspect her real sexuality.

* * *

Back in the living room, Dart and Skylos had gotten to the point of licking each other, cocks rubbing each other's chests as they rolled and writhed across the soft floor, the room full of the scent of male musk.

Shaira leaned against the doorway, smiling at her husband and brother in law. They were totally oblivious to her presence, not caring at all. The scent of their hot and excited bodies made her feel giddy. She couldn't help but feel aroused as she watched the two, watching their big cocks twitch and dribble as they 69'd each other's asses. She took off her vestiges of clothing, a loincloth and a chest strap, as her breasts were a bit much to try to carry around without support. She lay down with them, stroking and scritching skylos' back as he gurgled and slurped on top of her husband. he myrred, humping at dart's chest, spurting more precum. She worked her muzzle between the two, helped by their separating a bit, to envelop the cock in her muzzle, licking and working, gasping happily as the copious spurts of precum aroused her further, she loved that taste. When Skylos's cock was about to give up his cum, she switched to Dart's, her cunt dripping, soaking her crotch fur, her scent adding to the thick atmospere.

The adults panted and licked each other, Skylos ending up on his back, legs pulled up, Dart's muzzle still buried in his ass. The man whimpered and pleaded for to bring out some skat, licking and relaxing Skylos's rear, licking desperately deep and steadily. There was nothing that turned on dart more. Despite Skylos's own aversion to the idea he knew Dart loved it and it felt pretty good besides. He concentrated and worked his stomach, feeling the sliding sensations of his bowels moving.

Dart moaned eagerly as he tasted and felt the stuff coming closer, going nuts in licking his rear, now so relaxed that it stood open to Dart's stroking tongue. Then space previously filled by dart's tongue was filled by Skylos's skat, the man groaned, licking and pulling at the stuff, nibbling and slurping it down soon as he could get a hold on it, his hips thrashing ecstatically, into the cushions, spurting copious precum. Shaira moved atop Skylos, gently stroking the canine's hard cock in and out of her dripping cunt, eyes half closed as he felt the pleasure as she pressed it into herself.

Skylos groaned and twitched, hardly able to keep relaxed as he was assaulted by his brother and by his in-law, the normally easing sensation of bowel movement augmented by the licking and probing tongue helping and lubricating the passage of it, he heaved his stomach, groaning loudly as he strained to give dart the nectar of his enjoyment, He could feel the thick log roll, slide out his ass into his brother's waiting mouth, feel the tugs and twitches on it as his brother ministered eagerly, making strangled, full mouth noises of pleasure, yelping as he came in the pillows, gobbling down. The scent of the fekal joined the musk of the canines.

Dart cleaned up Skylos's ass, licking all the skat he could reach with his rather long tongue, sucking at the hole futilely for more, before retiring on the ground with an absolutely inane look of starry-eyed pleasure on his face.

Shaira rode Skylos's cock, hardly even paying attention to the man-dog as he writhed under the ministrations of his brother, enjoying the relatively large size of Skylos's cock as compared to dart's. It filled her nicely, the hard shaft stroking her cunt in the most delightful ways, spreading the pleasure through her being, she grunted startledly as Skylos came, from the stroking and the ass ministrations, his cock settling fully inside her, spurting cum like an eager young pup.

She sighed happily as a gentle orgasm accompanied the warm filling sensations of Skylos' cum. She kissed the man-dog gently, stroking his large nipples teasingly as he twitched in post orgasmic sensitivity.

Shimrod's brother walked into the kid's bedroom, and gasped, taking another deep breath. The divider between Shimrod and Shoofa's sleeping areas had fallen down again, and the air was heavy with the scent of in heat female, and the one in heat was his sister. And she wouldn't have sex, he knew. He walked over and sniffed around, finding unmistakable scent of his sister on Shimrod and Shimrod's bed,. He set the partition back up and lay down on his own bed, breathing deep of the hot scent in the air, cumming in short order as he imagined his sister on top of him, fucking him silly. He opened a window to help with ventilation and to disperse the scent, and went to sleep.

Dart licked around his muzzle , his mind dazed in the pleasure he just experienced. Skylos had shit a huge load into his mouth, and he loved it, heck, he even came from it. God Skylos was sexy, and nobody could fill his mouth like he could. How he wished that Skylos lived closer, so he could relive this every time Skylos needed to go to the shitter.

The three adults lay in a tired, sexed out heap on the floor, snuggled and sleepy.

* * *

Shoofa spread and closed her legs as she stood on her head, panting softly as he felt the movement lessen the itch a bit. After minutes of the gentle sensation, she shuddered, moaning in pleasure involuntarily, shivers of arousal running through her body. She lowered herself to the floor, and rolled onto her soft sleeping pad, a hand buried between her legs, stroking for the pleasure, rubbings that drove away the infernal lust that filled her body now, scaring her at times. She practically came from just watching a couple classmates during recess the other day. She gasped and panted quietly, aware of her brother nearby, not wanting him to know she was doing this. It felt so good, the warmth filled her and spread from her crotch, making her feel so good, yet wanting more. She crammed fingers deep into her, rubbing and panting in desperate quietness.

Shimrod paused in his reading. His sisters scent was getting stronger, and he could hear her panting on the other side of the screen. He couldn't help but think of how it felt to thrust your cock into a tight hole, the pleasure and hardness... This, naturally, caused him to get hard quite promptly, being a normally horny young man-dog. He gently stroked his erection, involuntary pants of pleasure the only noise as the familiar sensations filled his crotch with lust, with the need to cum. He rocked on his bed, thrusting up through his fist, his knot starting to swell. Just as he got a grip behind his knot, causing his entire cock to harden completely, there was a crash.

Shoofa froze. She had bumped the screen next to her and it had more or less collapsed, landing in a folded heap as it tended to do at times. She was laying flat on her back, legs spread wide, her fist half inside her. She turned her head and looked at Shimrod. He had put down his book, and was laying frozen, looking at her terrified. His hand was behind his knot, making his cock stand up huge and straight. Simply looking at the unexpected size of her brother gave her a twinge of lust in her crotch. As her eyes locked on his cock, she saw a dribble of precum run down the shaft, dripping off the side of the knot.

Shimrod didn't know what to do. He knew what happened to people who tried to have sex with Shoofa, even those who just showed her their cocks in typical exhibitionist fashion. He was scared. His heart thumped rapidly, a bit of precum dripping down his cock. He didn't dare move.

Shoofa was torn. She wanted sex so bad, Shimrod's cock seemed to fill her entire vision, her instincts telling her that it was the only way to stop this horrible itching lust she was plagued with. But she had vowed not to have sex, not to play that way. Particularly with her own brother. She was afraid he would always want sex. Boys always seemed to want sex all the time. She panted and stroked herself more, rubbing herself where it felt so good.

Shimrod looked a bit relieved as he saw her hand move again, covered with the same moisture he knew from his mother. The unmistakable scent of a woman in heat filled his nostrils, he tentatively stroked his hand over his knot and cock, using the precum as lubricant, more oozing out in his excitement.

Shoofa got on all fours, crawling towards her brother. Shimrod whimpered submissively, ears back.

"Please, I didn't make it fall, I'm sorry, don't hurt me..." he whimpered.

Shoofa said nothing, crawling over him so her young breasts brushed her brother's chest, sharing her breath with him, his cock now inches from her dripping cunt. The young man-dog shook frightenedly, his hand moving to try to protect his balls, sure he was going to get it now. As he released his knot it relaxed, he panted softly, whimpering involuntarily, his ears layed back.

The young female licked at Shimrod's muzzle, breathing his panicked breath.

"I won't hurt you" she whispered, her body pressing a bit harder against his.

He relaxed about halfway. She brushed her nipples against his, closing her eyes at the pleasurable sensation.

"Don't tell a soul... or else." she threatened, kissing him softly, running her tongue into his mouth as his jaws parted.

Shimrod tentatively responded to the kiss, his arms tentatively embracing the soft fur of his sister, his cock still sticking up, half hard. Without the strong rubbing of entering an ass, he felt his cock surrounded by the warm slippery closeness of his sister. He gasped as his balls twitched, sending a jolt of precum into the tight heat. He had been with a female before, but he never liked it much. He would rather have men inside him. He felt his sister's body respond, pressing into his embrace, undulating her body against his in a wonderfully sensuous way.

Her tongue kissed deep into his muzzle, twining with his own. His fright flowed away as his mind filled with a swirl of loving lust. Nothing was more important than pleasing her, getting her to cry out in pleasure, and filling her with his seed. He ground up against her chest, kissing passionately, pressing into her until their hips pressed tight against each other. Her scent filled his nostrils, his body responding half on autopilot, he felt the needs and desires that have kept beings alive since the beginning of time.

Shoofa whimpergroaned joyfully as Shimrod's young shaft slid into her hot hole, stroking the burning itch into pleasure. A growing fireball of need overwhelmed her mind and sentience, making every movement to procreate, to get the cock to swell and fill her.

Shimrod and Shoofa writhed, entwined on Shimrod's sleeping pad, legs around legs, arms around arms, tongues entwined in the age-old dance of procreation, strangled gasps and groans escaping through their kisses as Shimrod's hard shaft pumped into her deep and fast, stroking her clutching body in the burning hot slipperiness that dripped onto the bed, and down Shimrod's twitching balls. The scent filled the room with a heavy perfume that would make any healthy male canine's cock drop instantly.

For infinitely long yet short minutes the inexperienced lovers rolled and writhed, eagerly straining for the fulfillment that brought the ecstasy so worshipped by all. Their cries rose in pitch in the frenetic staccato of straining for completion, their strong young bodies clutched tight against each other, their tenseness and urgency growing.

Shimrod groaned and kissed desperately, feeling his knot starting to swell, stretching his sisters grasping vagina, forgetting the desired secrecy. The wet noises of his thrusting cock came to his ears, but was quickly overwhelmed by the surging pleasure that swelled just behind his cock, aching for the pressure behind his knot that would spout his cum in jolts of ecstasy.

Shoofa bounced and slammed on the cock eagerly, driving its full length into her, every shove hitting his hips hard. She could feel his knot stroking at her entrance and redoubled her efforts, pulling and squeezing at the glorious cock, feeling the burning pleasure that invades and takes over the mind grow, filling her from the crotch up, expanding through her torso, legs, her arms, her neck, things exploding in her mind in brilliant ecstasy, her body convulsing as her orgasm hit her hard.

Shimrod screwed up into his sister desperately, trying desperately to cum into her, to feel the pleasure of spraying his fluid. He felt his sister tense then grab him with a forcefulness that knocked the wind out of him, his last remembered sensation was her cunt grabbing his cock hard, pulling and milking it so that his balls seemed to be coming out through his shaft before his consciousness was overtaken by the pleasure.

Shimrod and Shoofa shuddered together, Shimrod's hot cum burning into her, fulfilling the itch that plagued her, his cock swollen fully, locked tight into her.

The two siblings lay entwined, panting hard and heavily, filled with the after sensations of sex, both drooling. Shimrod's cock pulsing its extended load into his sister, making the man-dog wiggle and shift in pleasure.

"Oh, Shoofa... I love you, you know." said Shimrod.

"I... love you too, Shimrod... don't tell a soul." she growled. "I'll kick your balls in"

"Not a word" shivered Shimrod, "Not a word!"

The pair lay entwined for long minutes, bodies fulfilled. Shimrod's cock eventually relaxed, slipping easily out of her. She panted softly as she gave him a soft kiss, smiling at his glazed, tired expression, already mostly asleep. She pulled a blanket over him and crawled over to her own bed, leaving the partition on the ground to be set up tomorrow. She snuggled happily into her warm blankets, the itch of her crotch quieted for the first and only time in days.

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