By: David Ihnen

NOTESThe character Shimrod in this story is not Shimrod the Dolphin from mucks and/or internet, who in no way condones underage sex. If you're going to bother somebody about it, bother me, okay?
SERIESSkylos and Shimrod
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Skylos woke up with a start. He grunted and shoved a sleeping cougar off his legs. He took a pair of undershorts off the clock and read the time.

"Whew" he muttered in relief, "I'm not late."

He walked over and threw some dirty clothes on the comterm in the corner onto the bed. It was covered with dust, evidently Jobe didn't use it much. The man-dog powered it up and waited impatiently for the logon screen on the old comterm.

A yawn arose from the bed. Jobe sat up and looked over at the man-dog, squinting in the light from the window.

"What're you doin, pup?" he asked. The man-dog glanced up from his typing on the primitive terminal.

"Sending that message to Ruth. I forgot to do so last night."

Jobe tsked. "She'll be upset!"

Skylos shrugged. "She'll get over it. You know she'll be used to it by now." He grinned at the Couger. "Besides, its all your fault."

Jobe let himself fall back onto the bed.

"I'm hungry" he complained, looking up at the cieling.

Skylos tapped out a few more characters and after watching the screen for a few seconds, powered off the comterm.

"Okay, we'll pick up some food on the way." He bounced up and started towards the door. He was hit in the head with his loincloth.

"Hey, I woulda remembered it!" he protested, strapping it on quickly.

Jobe chuckled as he slipped into a pair of overalls and followed him out the door.

* * *

Coriantumr yelled to his mom.


Ruth came out of the kitchen wiping her paws on a towel. "Its about time. He was supposed to be back yesterday!"

She glanced over the message and nodded. "I'll go meet him at the train. I have a little shopping to do anyway."

Coriantumr shrugged. "Okay." he said, and went back to chatting on the comterm with some distant friends.

Ruth ruffled her son's headfur. "Hey, I want you to chop some wood today, you hear? Too much of that online stuff is bad for you."

Cori grunted, typing busily into the terminal.

* * *

Skylos and Jobe ate breakfast in a little cafe near the train station. They both ordered breakfast wraps, a sweet but powerful finger food that consisted of egs and bits of meat wrapped in a flat bread.

"Ya know Jobe," mouthed Skylos around a large bite, "You should go visit that Richard lion tonight, huh?"

Jobe shook his head, using his mouthful as an excuse not to talk. Eventually he swallowed though.

"Yeah, I know." he murmured, "But what if he doesn't like me?" He looked down at his plate, and took another bite, frowning.

Skylos chuckled. "Its obvious to me he likes you! Just think of that nice rough lion tongue licking between your toes..."

Jobe whined a little, shifting in his chair. "Hey, that's no fair!"

"Oh, I can get worse than that!" he grinned widely, leaning back after finishing his wrap.

Jobe glared at him. "No. One more word and you can wait for the train by yourself!"

Skylos raised an eybrow and shrugged. "well, okay then."

They wandered over towards the train station as they heard the distant rumble of its arrival, holding paws.

* * *

Ruth arrived at the station towing her shopping wagon. Her furry hand was wrapped around the black metal handle of her red cart. It was reminiscent of the carts given to the rich children in the city as playthings. The staked sides held in a load piled with vegetables and a large cut of meat wrapped in brown paper. The whole thing was supported by a set of large, sturdy wheels. A new axe handle protruded from the load at an odd angle. Hot and dusty, she paused at the station's drinking fountain to sate her thirst. She bent over, her loincloth shifting around her hips. Her fur was a brown all over, covering her plantigrade feet, the fur running up her legs and dissappearing under the brief loincloth. The smooth fur covered her torso, ruffling a little as it went around the gentle swell of her breasts. Her head was covered with shorter fur, topped by gently flopping ears that dipped forward when lowered her muzzle to the fountain.

Ruth's gaze went up the road as she drank. A deer morph was trotting towards the station with a distressed look on his muzzle. He was a tall, strong fellow, clad in midlength canvas pants. A canteen and knife flopped at his hip as he trotted on sharp black hooves. His head was framed by a large set of antlers, they reached at least two feet above his head. The antlers caught in some vines dangling from a low trellis. His head snapped back and he fell on his butt in the dust with a yelp.

Ruth grinned at the sight. Her first encounter with her husband, Skylos was similar. The man-dog had been sprinting down the main street of her town when he tripped over a rope and went tumbling head over heels right through her bedroom window. He made a big mess, scattering recordings and clothing all over. He cleaned it up in record time, though. She smiled remembering. The deer morph was doing the same, quickly putting the vines back into place on the trellis before hurrying onward.

Ruth chuckled and parked her wagon beside the station. She looked down the rails, searching for a view of the train. By the clock, it wasn't due for another half hour. Feeling a pressure, she turned and walked into the lavoratory. She pulled her loincloth out of the way as she crouched over the end of the urination trough and relaxed, letting the hot stream run free. The deer morph trotted inhurriedly, hoofs clacking on the tile floors. He fumbled with his belt, opening his pants. Mountain people usually wore pants, they needed the additional warmth. Not immediately noticing the woman-dog there, he pulled out three penises and sighed in relief as all three began urinating simultaneously into the trough.

Ruth blinked at the unusual sight, and smiled. She looked up at the buck. He was even better looking up close. His muscles showed under his thick mountain fur. His antlers were magnificent, for one of the deer type. Five points on each side pointed almost staight up, the trunk of the antlers smooth and evenly curved. His nostils flared as he breathed heavily from his run. Ruth straightened tugging her loincloth back into place. The buck started at the movement. His ears flicked back in embarassment. He turned his body to try to conceal his anatomy, his gaze dropping down her body before staring down at the trough. Ruth's eyes were drawn back to the odd site of the three streams of urine. The cocks looked perfectly normal, except for thier number. His balls swayed heavily as he hurriedly shook the last drops out. There must be at least four in there, she thought. His sac was far too big and lumpy for just two.

The buck hurried out of the lavoratory, fastening his pants as he went. Ruth wandered after him a moment later. She found him on the station platform, leaning against the station wall, nostrils still flaring from his run. She walked up moving slowly, ears up friendly and unthreatening. He watched her curiously, his eyes liquid and brown. She drew near, almost touching, nose to nose.

"Nice cocks." she breathed into an ear, running her handpaw through the buck's thick chest fur.

The Buck's ears drooped. "I'm just a freak."

Ruth shook her head. "I think you're pretty special. Its not every buck that can please a girl three times over." She offered him her paw. "I'm Ruth."

The buck reflexively kissed her handpaw, "Leon."

Ruth shifted her stance and smiled at the buck. "How is it that you have three penises?"

Leon shrugged helplessly. "I... I dunno. I was just born that way. A freak. I'll never have a mate." The buck looked down, his ears pressed back hard.

Ruth ran her paw over the buck's smooth antlers, fingering their blunt tips. "Well, I may not be a mate, but I'd love to have your cocks inside me."

Leon pushed his ears back hard, "N..No. I... I can't..."

Ruth tilted her head curiously. "No?"

Leon shook his head, antlers swaying overhead, "They all... get hard... I hurt the doe..." He to the side, trying to keep from meeting the woman-dog's gaze. "I'm banned from sex."

Ruth smiled, nuzzling the buck's rounded muzzle. "Maybe in your town, but not here. Not from me." she murmured. She was so close now she could feel his pants tenting, her modest bust tickling the buck's chestfur. She gently undid his belt, dropping the pants to the platform. The canteen and knife clattered. The three penises were revealed once again.

The buck shifted nervously, but didn't stop her. His top center cock was already hardened to a nice size, precum beading on the tip.

"You... want to... with me?" stammered the buck, his ears down and eyes wide with astonishment and arousal.

Ruth nodded, rubbing up against the buck's body, her fur warm against his. "Yes. I'd like that very much." she whispered.

The buck shook his head. "I... I can't..." his ears flicked back and forth nervously.

Ruth tilted her head, looking into the bucks big brown eyes with her own. "why not? I'm not a doe."

The buck shook his head. "No... its just... I get excited... I could hurt you..."

Ruth laughed softly, and kissed him on the muzzle with a gentle lick. "good. I want to feel all three inside me." Her loincloth joined his pants on the platform as she pressed her loins against the buck's hard cock, feeling his dripping tip against her own aroused lips.

The buck didn't quite know what to make of this. He wanted to fuck her. He was so turned on, he could feel the precum dribbling out of all three of his penises, even though only one was hard at the moment. The sweet dog-lady kissed him, her tongue sliding over his as he opened his mouth, tickling the top of his mouth wonderfully. He groaned and pressed his hard member up against her, surprized to feel it sink into her heat readily.

"Oh goddess," he murmured, kissing the eager bitch, "I want to fuck you so much!"

Ruth responded by smothering his words with more kisses, flexing her hips to stroke his hard cock within her. She groaned aloud. The buck's cock stroked her gently, hot with arousal. She could feel the texture of the rock hard shaft inside her. She loved it when such a hard cock was inside her.

Leon kissed back at the canine, his thick tongue pressing into her muzzle, meeting her thinner tongue. He shivered as he felt it lap over his, pressing into his muzzle, sliding over the sensitive roof of his mouth. His cock was rock hard inside her. His body responded to the heat and slippery feel of her body around him intensely. He couldn't stop the arousal from spreading, another cock was stirring. He could feel it harden, pressing between her thighs. As it became as hard as the first it pressed up stiffly, trying to join its mate.

Ruth groaned joyfully as she felt the second cock harden. The thought turned her on, how it would feel to fuck with two at once. She moaned into the kiss eagerly. The second cock was as hard as the first, rubbing between her thighs, the head sliding sideways across her sphincter at the deepest of his thrusts. She rode him this way for a dozen strokes before pulling herself away so the cocks snapped together. She shoved herself onto both cocks eagerly. She gasped joyfully as she felt her body stretch around the intrution, endorphins going to her head. She shoved her hips up against his eagerly, pushing every inch of the two hard cocks into her fully.

Leon, groaned loudly into her muzzle. This was too good to be true. She was taking two of his cocks at once! And there was room for more! Her heat and tightness made him more aroused than he ever remembered, her heat and tightness around him pure ecstacy. His mind ignored the platform, anything but his sweet lover. He humped up into her hard and fast, loosing himself in her kisses and strokings. The stiff pleasure in his crotch was growing, he barely noticed as his third cock erected, pressing between her thighs.

Ruth sucked on the buck's thick tongue, riding onto his thrusts. The feeling of the two cocks sliding into her was ecstacy, the irregular shape emphasizing the contours, the hard cocks stroking her clinging walls again and again. She could feel her fluids wetting the cock, flowing into her crotch fur, her musk mixing with the buck's in the warm air. She lapped into Leon's muzzle again, sliding her tongue over the roof of his mouth. She was rewarded with the feeling of his third cock pressing stiffly between her thighs.

Her tongue was so hot, his own exploring her sweet muzzle, her pointed canines so different from the flat molars of his deer kind. He was a freak, only one in a thousand had two cocks, three was unheard of. But she loved it! He bucked his hips up into her, driving both his cocks into her hot slippery depths. Nothing could be greater than this! Her pussy's milking and squeezing was too much, his third cock was hard now. He could feel it slide between her thighs, they were also slippery from the wetness dripping down from her cunny. He shoved deep into her again and again, letting the third cock slide between her legs. Goddess, it felt so good! Suddenly she pulled off his cocks, all three rigid shafts slapping together. Before he could react she had shoved the whole trio into her. His mind seemed to erupt in stars.

Ruth flexed her hips against the buck's steadily more powerful thrusts. The third cock slid through the soaked fur between her legs, straining to join the other two. Her ass twitched as the head slid across her sphincter. She had to get tied today. Skylos would do it. She took a deep breath and pulled off the two cocks, letting the three rigid shafts snap together. She drove down onto the cocks, back arching as she her body strained, then accepted the very thick intrusion.

The woman-dog shuddered in orgasm, the penetration of all three driving her over the edge. Her cunt milked and pulled at the three phalluses, drawing them deeper, begging them to give up their load.

The buck was stunned. He had never before felt all three of his cocks surrounded by the clutching heat of orgasming female. He surrendered to the sensation and let his hips drive up into her faster and more powerfully. They slid into her again and again as the buck's hips hit the bitches at an increasing pace. His body seemed to shudder, driving his cocks up into her with frenetic intensity.

Ruth orgasmed again and again, her sex milking the trio of pounding cocks. She writhed and groaned in ecstacy, pulling herself onto them, legs wrapped around her lover. Her body pulled the cocks deep within her, milking hard.

Leon couldn't control himself. His body was going without him, fucking the bitch like an object. The pleasure flowing from his crotch into his head was a river of ecstacy. It was fucking a doe, raised to the third. He felt like screaming, like singing, like crying all at once. He let out a loud bleat as his body completely left his control. He could feel his hips flexing, his body convulsing as he came, all three cocks spraying together. His seed seemed to burn deliciously down his shafts, firing into the bitch again and again. He could feel his balls twitching, his whole reproductive system convulsing with his body. Every thrust pushed aside the cum from the previous spurt. His body showed no sign of stopping, every squeeze of her cunt pulling another huge jet from him.

Ruth groaned again and again, feeling the three cocks spray into her. It wasn't just a little, she could feel the cum slosh in her more with every desperate thrust of the three cocks into her. The hot fluid seemed to fill her whole body, her orgasms drawing it deep into her womb as she bucked against the deer's thrusts. More of his cum flowed out around his cocks, soaking both lover's crotches. The thrusts slowed after a seeming eternity of flooding spurts.

Leon slumped in exhaustion, every bit of his energy delivered to the woman. He collapsed against the wall, falling to the platform, spilling Ruth onto her back between his legs. She lay there, panting heavily, legs spread wide, a huge grin on her muzzle. The buck's cocks stood out hard from his crotch, fully rigid, the three tips against each other. Leon shuddered weakly as his cocks continued to twitch, spurting a dozen more times, spraying a fountain of white buck cum over her body, joining the flood that already matted her crotch and pooled on the platform. Every jet seemed to have as much volume as the first. As his orgasm stopped he lay there stunned, looking at the phenomenal mess his cum made. He knew he could cum alot but never came like this. He looked down at his three still hard cocks. They stood out stiffly from his crotch in a bunch, surges of white cream flowing from their tips, joining the pool on the platform.

Ruth felt the buck give way and spill her on the platform. She panted a bit there recovering from the orgasm. Warm rain was falling. A drop fell in her mouth. It was cum! she thought,

She rolled to her side and dove onto the three cocks standing stiffly from the exhausted buck. Delicious cum was flowing from all three still. Her tongue lapped up the thick fluid, stroking over the hard shaft tips again and again. It tasted so good, it made her cunt tingle all the more. She could feel the buck's fluid running down her legs, leaving her body's cavity in a sticky flow. The cocks in her muzzle started spurting strongly again, the flavor renewed. She slurped and sucked eagerly. She was high on endorphins, she just had to have more, it tasted so good.

Leon gaspsed as he watched the bitch envelop his crotch with her muzzle. He couldn't possibly cum more, he already couldn't believe the mess. No, he was wrong. GODDESS. It felt like he was going to explode, his cocks raging in arousal, all three spurting into her throat with renewed vigor, without his effort. He slumped back against the wall, he could feel his antlers rest on the wood. His body pumped spurt after spurt of cum out, every jet tingling through his body with the pleasure. Quite suddenl, it was over. His body ran dry, and he grunted at the sudden sensation. His cocks hardened painfully as the sucking muzzle drove him to dry orgasm, tingles of pleasure running through his whole body. She let go of his cocks and smiled up at him. He sighed in relief as his cocks quickly lost their erection.

"Oohhh..." he moaned. "No more..."

Ruth looked up with a quick grin. Her fur was matted with the buck's cum. "I don't think I've ever seen that much cum out of one guy before!" she exclaimed. She felt a bit dizzy, the feelings from the sex still flowing through her.

Leon smiled weakly, and extended a hand. "Did I tell you I'm Leon?"

Ruth shook the proffered appendage. "Yes. I'm Ruth. Its been pure pleasure geting to know you. A quick shower?"

Leon nodded. "Good idea." Ruth shakily knelt and helped him up.

* * *

Skylos shared a compartment with a young couple of cats on the way home. They spent the whole trip fucking. The young lion's stamina was incredible. He would fuck the lioness for about ten minutes, obviously cumming. Skylos had a good vantage point to see the lion's balls pull up close and twitch.

Then it was only a couple minutes rest before they were at it again. The lion's cock hardened, sticking out of his snug sheath. The lioness's tail swung out of the way, revealing her already dripping cunt. In he would thrust, his thick cock standing out with the lion-typical fleshy nubs all over it. The lioness would rowl and make other pleased noises. The two would fuck faster and faster until the massive lion's balls pulled up once more, spraying into her. They would then lay for a few minutes, resting.

Skylos got a bit hard watching all this. Okay, he got very hard. He just stroked himself gently though, watching the cats go at it about five times during the course of the two hour trip. They introduced themselves as Mike and Michelle Lion during one rest period, though most of the time they just lay there and panted. They explained that they hadn't seen each other in four years, but had a monogamy vow. The whole conversaton was terminated by another session of fucking. The man-dog didn't mind all this, he enjoyed being aroused and watching the thick cock penetrate her dripping pussy did that nicely.

He licked himself back into his sheath hurriedly as the train settled to the tracks, slowing to a stop at his home station. He said goodbye to the Lions but they were busy screwing noisily for a sixth time. He chuckled as he hopped off the train, looking about.

The air was rather heavy with the scent of cum. A rather unusual amount was splattered and puddled along the station platform. A handsome buck was beginning to mop it up. His fur was damp like he just finished swimming or showering. He waved to the buck.

Hey Leon!" he cried, "Long time no see! Where ya been?"

Leon was another former classmate of his from the school in the city. The buck had always lived in a village up on the mountain with alot of other bucks, some sort of commune arrangement, so the question was only friendly.

Leon grinned at Skylos and waved, mopping up the mess hurriedly. "Oh, you know me. Communizing away off in the mountains. I had to come to town to get a new photovoltaic for our commterm. Ours was shattered in the last storm."

Skylos patted the busy buck on the thickly furred shoulder. "Cool, don't let the station master rope you into cleaning up more of this stuff, eh?"

Leon laughed nervously. "yeah, right!" he murmured as Skylos trotted away.

The man-dog paused by the wagon.

"That's Ruth's..." he thought. He glanced back at Leon.

"Hey, you see Ruth around?" he called.

Leon pointed at the lavoratory, his words drowned out by the rumble of the departing train. Skylos nodded and entered.

Skylos stopped at the urunation trough to relieve himself. He sniffed the air. Wet Ruth and Leon. He replaced his loincloth and peered into the shower room. Ruth was on all fours in the center, shaking the water out of her fur vigorously. Her ass was raised as she shook out her fur, her cunt a bit swollen, tantalizingly revealed. The man-dog dropped his loincloth by the door, already half hard by the time he wrapped his paws around his wife's hips and drove his boned shaft fully into her.

"Skylos!" groaned Ruth, turning her head and exchanging a deep kiss with her husband. She braced herself on the wet floor, taking her husbands rapid thrusts, feeling her arousal build quickly once again. "Yes...!" she exclaimed.

Skylos' hips drove his cock into Ruth's sweet cunny again and again. She was so warm, the curve of her ass and back turned him on so much. Pleasure grew in his crotch, swelling with his knot, redoubling the speed of his fucking.

Ruth groaned, "don't tie!" as she bucked back onto her husband's thick cock, its texture driving her to orgasm again, her whole body convulsing and milking at the cock driving inside her.

Skylos whimpered as he heard her command. He wanted to tie so badly, to feel her body milk every drop from his balls. He followed her wishes and pulled back before he fully swelled, reaching down to grip himself behind the knot as he came into her, hot jets of cum flooding into her.

Ruth shuddered and twitched again as she came, her body sucking down the cum skylos' dick offered her. She felt him resist the tie, her muscles clenching tight around the middle of his shaft. They leaned against each other for long minutes before Skylos sank to the floor, his cock relaxing, the edge taken off his arousal.

"Ooh, I love you Ruth." he murmured, pulling her up into a tight hug.

"I love you too." said Ruth, hugging and kissing in return. "Come on, lets get home. I still have to cook dinner."

The two canines waved to Leon as they exited the restroom, arms clasped in the traditional link of married couples. The buck gasped as he saw the two arm in arm and took off towards the hardware store in a hurry. Skylos shrugged.

"Wonder what got into him?" he wondered aloud.

"Maybe he thinks he screwed somebody's wife?" offered Ruth.

Skylos laughed. "Yeah, maybe. That buck was always so conservative. Hey, I watched these two cats on the train..."

"Pull the wagon." interrupted Ruth. Skylos nodded distractedly and grabbed the handle, pulling it along behind them.

"Anyway, these cats. Turns out they haven't seen each other in four years, and they have a monogamy vow, of all things! They were screwing almost non-stop the whole trip. Fuck, cum, rest. Fuck, cum, rest." babbled Skylos.

Ruth pawed Skylos's loincloth. "Oh, how did you ever cope?" she teased.

Skylos bapped her playfully. "I didn't cum! I saved it for you!"

The two bantered cheerfully as they wandered down the grassy path to their house.

* * *

It was almost dusk, and Skylos was in his hammock once again. The jubilant greetings of his family at his return made him so happy. Canines were the best, and I've got the cream of the crop, he knew.

He swung gently in the hammock, watching the puffy clouds turn orange up above, filtered by the foliage of the trees. The rythmic clop of Coriantumr chopping wood was comforting, mixing soothingly with the clank of cooking pots inside the house. Suddenly he frowned. A whine was approaching, with a rumble in it. Like a ground transport. He was well familiar with them, they carried the construction automatons that he spent four long conscripted military years fixing. He didn't like being reminded of them.

He flicked his ears and looked up at the now pinker clouds. Just another transport going down the road. Nothing special. He unfocused his eyes and hummed gently to himself, letting his body fall into a gentle trance. Relax, relax, oblivion...

His meditation was interrupted by a squeak, followed by the sharp retort of parking brakes engaging. He sat up indignantly.

"SKYLOS AHOY!!" yelled a canine from atop the transport.

"SLICK!" yelled Skylos, recognizing the voice, "What in Goddess's name are you parkin that disaster on my lawn for?!?"

The kakhi clad man-dog scrambled down, clambering over one of the balloon tires as tall as he was. His tail wagged vigorously the whole time. He ran up to Skylos and they butted chests, before hugging.

"Sky! Its good to see you!" exclaimed the soldier.

Skylos returned the greeting, but then tilted his head. "I'm always happy to see you slick, but Why'm I suspicious?"

Slick pulled a folded paper out of his pocket. "You're drafted."

Skylos shook his head, chuckling. "No I'm not. I have a family now. That's illegal."

Slick laughed. "You don't gotta leave home! That's the kicker! Check it out."

He handed Skylos the paper. The man-dog unfolded it and read the plain text.

"Fix more automatons!? Don't you have enough people to do that already?" he glared at Slick.

The man-dog Slick never stopped wagging his tail. "Hey, these are the ones they couldn't figure out! And you know you're the best. Come on, you can do it. You can show your boy!" He pointed to Coriantumr, who was sniffing curiously about the cargo in the back of the transport.

Skylos shook his head, and threw the paper back at Slick, glaring. "This is all your fault, isn't it."

Slick grinned. "I have to have SOME excuse to come visitin you, don't I?" he thumped Skylos on the shoulder playfully.

Skylos frowned. "Yeah, I'll do it, Captain Slickpuppy, SIR, but I don't wanna." he grumped sarcastically.

Slickpuppy nodded, and thumped Skylos's shoulder companionably. "Great! Is that Ruth's famous rabbit meat stew I smell?"

Skylos felt up Slick's crotch, tracing the heavy sheath with his fingers. "Yeah, it sure is! Come on, lets eat. You're spending the night of course."

Slick humped at the paw gently, putting an arm around Skylos' shoulders. "Wouldn't dream of leavin, bud!"

* * *

The household was snuggled on the family bed, children, parents, and guest together. Slick was laying on his back, hugging Ruth. They were engaged in a deep kiss, and had been for some time. Skylos's muzzle was buried in Ruth's cunny, lapping out his own and some of the buck's cum still there, and her more delicious fluids. His tongue lapped over Slick's balls periodically, he could tell his friend was getting aroused. He could tell Ruth wanted it too by the way Ruth moaned and pressed to his tongue whenever he attended to her ass.

Slick grunted in annoyance, sighing loudly. "I have to go pee." he grumbled, scrambling out from under Ruth and dissappearing outside. Skylos slid over Ruth, his boned cock pressing between her cheeks. He gently licked at her ear, nibbling gently. He felt his damp tip press against her saliva lubricated hole, tight and warm. Ruth pressed back as he held himself there, pushing her body onto his cock even as she pressed her ear into his muzzle. Skylos myrred softly around the ear, chewing as she loved so much, pressing his cock deeper into her with gentle thrusts.

Slick reentered the sleeping room to find Skylos atop Ruth in the dim light. Skylos' rear was undulating gently, obviously entering her. Slick whimpered softly in arousal, watching. He moved over slowly, lining himself up behind the canine lovers. He pulled his sheath back, uncovering his hardening cock. He waited until Skylos plunged particularly deep into the gasping Ruth before he placed his tip firmly against the man-dog's tailhole. Skylos was already sliding out, and yelped in surprize as he backed onto slick's cock, reinforced by a solid thrust from the captain himself. Slick wrapped his paws around Skylos' hips and drove in again, loving the pleasure that surged in him from the tight walls around his penis.

Ruth gasped joyfully under Skylos. Sometimes anal entry was uncomfortable, but today it was perfect. Every deep thrust by her husband made the glow of warmth in her pelvis grow. His hips stroked his hard cock in and out of her so wonderfully, his own moisture with his saliva making a slick channel. Skylos yelped into her ear, his movements stopping for a moment. She smiled as she realized Slick was mounting him, the weight atop her increased. Skylos pressed into her even deeper, causing her to gasp in pleasure yet again.

The husband thrust deep into his wife, the thick cock up his ass almost uncomfortable, moist from Slick's sheath but not slick with saliva. He could feel his knot starting to grow as Slick humped eagerly. It was quickly becoming more slick from the captain's precum, stretching his ass further. His mind flashed back to the first time he took Slick's cock. He had been trying to fix the fan on a mass transporter when his then coworker decided he had to get off. He had stubbornly tried to ignore the fucking, but when his assaulter's cock got fully hard, something clicked in his head. Ever after, Skylos let Slick fuck him whenever he wanted, almost helpless in lust about it. The captain's cock wasn't very big, but the knot was just right. It pressed against his prostate in the most delightful way. And he knew he was about to feel it again. He relaxed, nibbling on his wife's ear in response to her gasps, riding his cock into her again again, not worrying about cumming. Slick would take care of that.

Slickpuppy loved Skylos' ass. He could fuck it all day and night, if he had the stamina. He closed his eyes, raising his head with tongue lolled as his hips drove his cock in again and again. He could feel the familiar swelling of his knot starting to take hold, the pleasure glow in his pelvis mounting higher and higher. He pounded into Skylos faster, growling in lustful joy.

"Yeah, TAKE that cock!" he growled, hands gripping the man-dog's hips tightly as he fucked him with savage intensity.

Skylos groaned, squeezing hard around Slick's madly thrusting cock. He could feel the knot popping in and out of him, and it was too much. He clenched hard as he felt the swelling knot pop in again. He was rewarded with the glorious sensation of the knot hardening inside him. He pulled Ruth's hips hard against his, growling eagerly himself, having dropped her ear.

Ruth felt the impacts of Slick's fucking through her husband. His cock was thick and hard now, filling her depths with its hard thrusts, lubricated with precum. Skylos tensed atop her and growled eagerly, she shoved her ass up onto his cock, braced against the bed. His knot wasn't in her yet, she could feel the hardening globe just outside her sphincter.

Slickpuppy grunted as Skylos squezed his cock in that wonderful way he had, drawing his cum out in voluminous spurts. He shuddered, yanking and shoving at his cock, stuck inside the man-dog, growling joyfully at the pleasure that filled him.

Skylos met Ruth's thrust up at him with a hard thrust of his own, driven on by the pressure that just locked in his ass, pressing his prostate. His knot popped into his wife's tight ass and it was all too much. He came hard, unable to help himself. He could feel his cock hardening fully, feeling massive inside his lover. His balls and cock pumped cum deep into her, jet after jet of burning pleasure. Every bit of arousal from the lions and slick's fucking poured into her in pressurized spurts.

Ruth grunted as Skylos rammed his cock fully into her. The pain of stretching around his knot quickly vanished as his hot cum tickled into her, knot swelling inside her, giving her that wonderful full feeling she loved so much. His cum seemed to just run into her, squishing around as his shudders moved his massive prick within her.

Slick collapsed on Skylos in exhaustion, a hard day's driving culminating in energetic sex too much. He lay on Skylos' furry back, letting his cock's throbbing spurts inside his lover wash pleasure through his mind. He was so relaxed now. The probing of his ass felt so pleasant. Small cocks felt so nice, sliding in and out of him. No pain, just gentle pleasure as the lover felt the burning joy of cumming. You just couldn't keep those knots inside you, he sighed to himself softly.

Skylos's son Coriantumr had a bit too much of watching, and decided to get some too. He mounted the collapsed Slickpuppy, thrusting his youthful cock into his father's friend. It was loose compared to Shimrod's, but felt so good. He let his body do the thinking, humping into the hole harder and harder until he knotted up, spraying his youthful load into Slick. He sighed happily as he withdrew, the adult's ass clinging to his knot a second before passing it easily. He lay down nearby and was asleep almost before hitting the pillow.

Skylos ooofed softly as Slick collapsed on him, He could hear the frantic panting of Cori for long moments before his pup collapsed on the bed, soft snores revealing his state. He humped a few more times into Ruth, her ass latched around his swollen knot tightly. Her breath was already slowing, her body relaxed beneath him. He yawned, jaw popping, and wiggled a bit. Slick's hard cock was tied firmly inside him, pressing his prostate. It was driving postcum out his cock, he could feel the burning tickles as it flowed into Ruth. He slowly relaxed, tied twice as he drifted off to sleep.

This is the way things should be, he thought. Absolute perfection.

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