Swft and Skylos go for a ride

By: David Ihnen

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The morphic hound turned his clunker car off in the driveway. It snorted and rattled a few times before settling down. He'd been driving for hours, traveling several hundred miles that morning alone. He reached out the window and raised the outside latch, releasing the catch. With a rusty groan, the door opened and he stepped out, stretching in the late morning sunlight. Joints popped, and he grunted happily. He rubbed his butt, around his tail, loosening the fur under his shorts, it was getting matted. Matted fur was a pain.

The house he'd stopped in front of was nice, a surburban ideal, all deep green grass and manicured hedges. He walked up the hand-laid brick walk and knocked on the door. He could hear his car gurgling behind him. A smile quirked on his muzzle as he imagined his car having indigestion. It wasn't long before the door was opened by an ebuliant rat, who tackled him with a big hug.

"Skylos! Right on time!" he exclaimed, his pointy noise snuffling affectionately into the dog's neckruff.

"Hi Swft! I got an early start." explained the canine. He grinned, returning the affection, scruffling the rat's ears and hugging him back. His friend was an anthropomorphic rat of average human size, the visible portions of his anatomy covered with short, black fur. He had mostly rotentine features, his eyes startlingly black, set like jewels in his muzzle. He walked plantigrade, a thick long rat tail swinging behind him. Skylos licked the two big front teeth and exchanged some more intimate kisses.

"You've been eating crackers!" he mentioned when they broke apart, the rodent leading Skylos deeper into the structure. The canine grinned and grabbed ahold of the rat's tail, letting himself be led along through the unfamiliar house.

"Okay, you get the grand tour, since you've never seen the place." started Swft, showing him the living room. "The living room." he stated gravely. He then walked through an archway. "The dining room." he said with just as much seriousness. With equal gravity he announced the name of each room in turn. Last of all, "The Master WC"

Skylos giggled as he sat on the bed, bouncing up and down a bit. "Ooh, nice bed!" he grinned, winking at the rat.

Swft walked up to the bed and Skylos hugged him, burying his muzzle in the rat's stomach, nosing knowingly at the sheath there.

"You only think about one thing, don'tcha?" asked Swft, swatting at the canine's ears playfully.

Skylos grinned all the more, trying to pull off the rat's shorts.

"Not now, I have a surprize for you." he told him.

Skylos perked up, looking eager. "A surprize!?" he looked around. "Where is it?"

Swft chuckled, amused. "Downstairs, come on." He led the way to a door they hadn't gone through. It turned out to be the garage. Parked beside the rat's usual pickup truck was a sparkling new motorcycle.

Skylos gasped, walking around the bike in open admiration. "Kawasaki ZX12R. Four stroke, four cylinder 1199cc DOHC engine. Liquid cooled, fuel injected, 6 speed transmission, adjustable ride height, in Candy Persimmon Red. When didja get this? They just came out!"

Swft smiled proudly. "Last month. I had it on order for 4 months before that! Its sweet!"

Skylos absently drooled, tugging on one of his floppy ears. "Wow, I'd sure like to go for a ride on that!"

Swft grinned. "Just what I had in mind. I got you a helmet and I have a spare riding suit that should fit you well enough!"

The canine's tail wagged vigorously. "Yeah! Lets go!"

Getting suited up took some time. Swft put on the pants first. They were snug fitting dark vinyl, with a tube for his tail down the right leg. He slipped his tail down it expertly. His spare suit had the same construction, but the dog found it much harder to get his tail into the tube.

"Its all a matter of practice." said the rat.

Skylos's tail fit in it fairly easily, smaller in diameter than the Rat's. It thumped from side to side inside it as he wagged, the rat helping him into the backboard and jacket. Soon, they were all zipped up and topped off with open-faced helmets. Swft gave Skylos a backpack to wear. "Treats for later." he explained.

"I get on, then you. Just sit there, don't try to lean with me. Stick close and hang on." advised the rat, revving the engine in the driveway. It made a statacco whine, the hiss of the air intakes louder than the exhaust. Skylos swung his leg over the back and perched on the minimal seat, feet planted on the pegs and arms tight around his friend.

"Here we go!" the rodent exclaimed, and go they did!

They were down the block in a flash, and after a few quick, tightly banked corners, hit the interstate. Swft knelt low over the tank, paws manipulating the controls fluidly. The roar of the wind made talking impossible, so Skylos just held as tight as he could. It was a bit unnerving, all open space around him, the wind knifing into his muzzle with ferocious intensity. He peeked over the rat's shoulder and saw the spedometer well past 100mph. They were going fast! It made his heart beat fast, and somehow, his crotch swell. He rubbed up against the back of his friend firmly, not trying to distract him too much. And definitely not shift the cycle!

After about twenty minutes, they slowed and exited the freeway, entering the cool air beneath large redwood trees.

"Wow!" grinned Skylos, lolling his tongue in the gentler breeze. "That was fast!"

Swft nodded, banking around a corner carefully, the road edge green with moss. "You should see it with only me on it. It goes even faster!"

Skylos laughed, and shifted his grip around his friend a bit. "Oh, I believe it!"

Swft slowed and came to a stop. They were in a pull-off from the mountain road, the ground covered in evergreen needles. The sun sparkled through the trees, a breeze moving the dappled shade on the ground. Skylos hopped off, tugging off the helmet and taking deep breaths of the clear mountain air.

"What're we doing here?" he asked.

"Just over there is the perfect place for a picnic!" announced Swft, tugging off his jacket and riding pants. Skylos followed suit, and soon they were trotting down a soft forest path into a meadow.

"Wow, I like it!" exclaimed Skylos, sniffing about in the tall grasses by a stream. "Ooh, somebody had sex here!"

"Gee, why would they do that?" asked Swft innocently, setting out sandwiches and a thermos of lemondade from the backpack.

Skylos giggled and found his way over to his friend. They sat there together in the bright sunshine, sharing food and company. Clothes came off in the heat of the day, they lazed in the warm sunshine, digesting their lunch.

Skylos sat up at a noise, looking over at the stream where a deer drank from the cool water. The rat moved up behind him, his arms hugging around the furry chest.

"Turnabout's fair play" murmured Swft in his ear, meaningfully grinding his hips up against the canine.

Skylos turned his head, kissing at the rat's muzzle deeply in response. They kissed, rubbing against each other there in the grass. After lingering in the kiss, Skylos shifted forward, sliding his tail along the rat's rigid shaft. It was firm and thick, with a rounded end that pressed under the dog's tail effectively, sliding into the ready canine easily.

"Ooh, good rat!" exclaimed Skylos, bracing himself in the grass. "Fuck me good!"

He closed his eyes as the rat's paws gripped his torso, pulling him close, ramming the stiff rod into him deeply. He moaned happily, feeling the rat's eager thrusts into him, stroking his walls, the first surges of pleasure washing into his brain. He closed his eyes, tilting his head back and lolling his tongue as he felt the quick strokes, sliding madly in and out of his ass.

"*grunt* gonna... fuck you... silly..." panted the rat, grinding his sex under Skylos's wagging tail. His ears twitched at the sound of somebody coming down the path, he looked up to see a large morphic horse trotting into the meadow. The equine paused when he saw the two fucking, his eyes narrowing with a smile. Swft raised a paw to his lips, signifying quiet, and beconed him over. He smiled wider and came over quietly, dropping his loose shorts on the ground. The stallion's impressive cock dropped readily from his sheath as he stood in front of Skylos, his thick-fingered hoof-hand guiding it to the canine's muzzle.

Skylos opened his eyes in surprize as a large, soft, horse-tasting thing was pressed into his mouth. A handsome stallion morph stood before him in the sunlight. Sturdy muscles rippled under the dappled fur, the equine's muzzle showing an eager smile as he pressed his thick cock into the dog's muzzle.

"Mmph!" managed Skylos, immediately slurping on the shaft, pulling it down his throat.

Swft watched the canine take the horse into his muzzle until the canine nose pressed into the horse's hips. The dog was deep throating the entire equine cock. The horse grunted in arousal, pulling and thrusting, feeling his large balls twitch in arousal.

The horse gasped in surprize as Skylos swallowed his entire cock, his tight throat massaging and tugging the sensitive shaft. He was hardening quickly, his growing thickness making the throat even tighter. It felt good so good. He nickered softly as his hips bucked, shoving his cock down the throat until the dog's nose ground against his pelvis.

Skylos shivered helplessly, the rat fucking him madly and the horse forcing his thick erection down his throat. He could feel his canid precum welling up in little spurts, his hips twitching back against the eager thrusts from the rat. He swallowed again and again around the horse's huge cock, stroking it in his throat. Its thickness almost hurt, the stiff shaft pressing halfway to his stomach.

Swft's eyes locked on the stretched muzzle taking all that horse cock, inch after inch of erect horse dick dissappearing into the canine with every equine thrust. The rat grabbed Skylos's neck in his teeth as his pleasure surged, rat balls clamping close as he ejaculated, body convulsing a series of sharp thrusts into the dog as hot sticky rat cum gushed into him. He held himself deep inside, feeling Skylos's tail wiggle against his stomach as it tried to wag.

The equine watched the rat cum, his large eyes centered on the rat's efforts. He felt his balls twitch, a spike of pleasure bringing another thrust to his hips. He whickered as he pulled out, patting the dog's head.

"No, let me cum in that ass." he panted, eyes wide with pleasure and lust.

Skylos whimpered at the loss of the thick cock, opening his eyes to see it hovering a foot away in all its full erect glory. He leaned, trying to reach it. Swft pulled his thick cock out of the dog. Skylos groaned, his arms and legs suddenly loosing their strength. He collapsed into the grass.

"Get up, Skylos." panted Swft, crouching next to him in the grass, tail high. "Its time for you to get fucked and fuck me!"

Skylos whined eagerly as he forced strength back into his limbs, sniffing beneath the rat's musky tail. The horse momentarily forgotten, he mounted the rat as the tail raised high. He shoved his already erect cock up against the pucker. It easily slid in, lubricated by spurts of precum, spreading the rat's tight ring with its thickness.

"Yeah, fuck the rat." Skylos murmured, his paws latching around the rat's torso, levering himself deeper inside. He thrusted firmly, stroking his erect shaft all the way up to his prematurely swollen knot.

"Fuck me!" grunted Swft, grinding back onto his knot aggressively. "fill me up!"

The horse lined up behind the busy pair, his massive erection dripping precum into the dog's fur as he grabbed the vigorously wagging tail, planting his cock against the already soaked and stretched hole. He slid in with some resistance, stretching then sliding with the plentiful lubrication of the rat's cum. The dog went rigid around him with a yelp, body clenching around the massive cock in a most delightful way.

"Oh, god, so tight!" he neighed in pleasure.

Skylos gasped as the horse thrust his massive prick deep into him, splinters of pain twitching inside him at the sudden intrusion. He clamped helplessly, yelping involuntarily at the pain. It quicky receded as his body got used to it. Just as he relaxed the horse thrust completely into him, his mind reeling as he was filled so much. The cock slid in so far he could feel the heat of the equine pelvis pressed against his ass.

Swft wriggled back onto the canine knot eagerly. He knew he could take it, if it was just shoved hard enough. Then he'd be full of that glorious doggie knot, with all the accompanying cum. He braced himself firmly, determined to take it, meeting the thrusts with back-thrusts of his own. The canine's knot stretched at his ring, he pulled his tail firmer, relaxing eagerly.

The horse groaned in pleasure as his cock slid completely into the dog without bottoming out. He shivered at the feeling of his entire cock sheathed by the dog's heat. He'd had mares that weren't this deep. He pulled most the way out, and slid fully in again. He pulled and thrusted again, the pleasure filling his mind, driving his hips to use the canine.

"Fuck!" the equine exclaimed, leaning over the pair to get a better angle, thrusting into the canine again and again, his loins flexing powerfully. It felt good. Real good. He could feel his cum deep inside, boiling to get loose. He thrust again and again, shoving the dog forward a bit as his hips thumped against the dog's rump. He was taking all of it, every inch. It felt so good!

Skylos grunted helplessly as the horse filled him repeatedly, the massive prick stroking hugely inside him. He could hardly remember to thrust into Swft, though he hardly needed to as the horse was doing a good enough job for the both of them. He felt his knot press hard beneath the rats tail again and again, wedged between his hips and the rat, each time feeling the ring stretch a little more, almost popping in. He whined, his ass quivering helplessly around the horse's sex as he tried to force his cock into the rat. He could feel his load ready to surge, burning in his loins, driven to the brink by the thick cock in his ass.

Swft grunted and shoved himself back onto the wonderful dog cock, relaxing desperately as he tried to get the knot in him. The horse and dog surged forward against his own bracing, and with a twinge of pain Skylos's knot was fully in him. He clenched around it with a happy grunt, milking it for all he was worth.

The horse thrust harder, faster, his chest heaving with eager breath as the pleasure climbed, his cock buried into the canid depths again and again. And then it was like he was in the tightest mare, taking his stallionhood completely as he filled her with his cum. His hips ground against his lover as his seed surged in, injected with massive, powerful jets deep inside. He shuddered for long moments before he slumped, his throbbing, flared cock firmly inside.

Skylos shuddered at the sensation as the rat clenched around his knot, his load jetting from him, pleasure roaring through his head, amplified by the horse's load flooding into him, the pressure and thickness inside him growing immeasurably. His cum spurted into the rat hard and fast, the equine pressure in his ass forcing it out.

"FUCK ME!" the canine growled, shuddering in ecstatic pleasure. The horse pulled and shoved in response, the massive intrusion bringing more of his cum out, firing it into the rat beneath him. Swft groaned happily, his cock rock hard again between his legs as he took the canine's seed, the swollen knot pressing on his prostate. His own cum surged again, a few quick strokes made his second load splatter on the crushed grass, his ass still eagerly milking Skylos's prick.

The stallion grinned, his cock relaxing as he spent his load, softening, sliding slickly from the hound's leaking ass. He sidled around to the canine's muzzle and thrust the dripping shaft to his face.

"Clean it!" he commanded.

Skylos was already licking, tasting the creamy mix of rat and horse cum coating the phallus. He laved every inch until it glistened with dog saliva, grinning widely. His cock throbbed inside the rat beneath him, his knot hard even after his load was spent.

"Ooh, yeah." panted Skylos, leaning on his friend.

"Thanks, dog." said the horse, finding his shorts in the tall grass. He stood up, and grinned at the pair for a long moment, chewing a mouthful of grass. He turned and walked across the meadow, whistling a cheerful tune to himself.

Skylos and Swft lay down in the grass, tied together, smiling happily as they dozed in the afternoon sun.

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