By: David Ihnen

NOTETommy is a main character in my Jargan series. These events are related to and/or mentioned in the Jargan series. These are Kavkazskaya Ovcharka dogs, a kind of russian shepherd.
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Tommy stood back and wiped his paws on a rag, to little effect. The rag was at least as greasy as his paws were, but it felt satisfying. He peered around the raised hood of the ancient citroen.

"Try it now, Sasha." he said.

The inside of the car was at least half filled by a mass of shaggy fur, reading a book propped on the steering wheel. After a moment he paused, and looked up. "Hm? Oh! Da!" he said, and putting his book on the dashboard manipulated the controls. The car reluctantly cranked for long seconds to no effect.

"A little longer!" shouted Tommy, fiddling under the hood. There, the ignition contact needed cleaned more. There was a sputter, a sycopated rattle, then the engine roared to live. Clouds of white smoke shot out the tailpipe, filling the back half of the barn with a fog that pulled away in wisps as the breeze blew past the open doors. Sasha revved the engine appreciably, the smoke thinning as the engine warmed up.

"[TURN IT OFF!!]" roared a loud voice.

Sasha turned the car off immediately. It backfired once and everything was silent.

"Your mother, she has been calling!" said a powerful voice from the doorway, "My dinner is getting cold!"

"[Sorry papa, we didn't hear her!]" Sasha said, squeezing out of the tiny car.

The giant dog nodded at the car. "You got it to go! Good job, Tommy. [eeeech!] Your paws, they are filthy. Come, come, get cleaned up! I want to eat!"


Tommy sat on the floor in the small sitting room of the Ovcharka's, leaning against Sasha's leg as the big dog read a book. They were all well packed with food, and Tommy drowsed, just enjoying the warmth and safety. Alexandr, Sasha's father, cleared his throat, glancing meaningfully at his wife [wifename] and his son.

"Ahem, Tommy." he said.

Tommy looked up to see the big dog smiling kindly at him. He smiled back.

"Yessir?" he said, starting to scramble to his feet. He probably wanted him to get something for him, maybe a drink of vodka from the sideboard.

"Nono, sit, sit." he said, making a calming guesture. He waited until Tommy settled before beginning. "In the short time that you have been staying here with our family," he looked from his wife to his son, and back to the fox. "you have shown yourself to be a willing worker, a dedicated friend to our little Sasha..."

Sasha interrupted in protest, "I'm not little any more!"

His mother smiled and patted his arm. "[You will always be little to me, puppy]"

Alexandr cleared his throat. "As I was saying, you fit in around here like [russian coloquial simile]. We have all decided that if you want to be, you are as much a son of mine as Sasha."

Tommy gaped, mouth working but no sound coming out. His mind raced, emotion catching up with him.

"You don't have to decide now." said Sasha, patting Tommy on the head.

Tommy shook his head, tears rolling down his muzzle. "no. I don't need time." he managed, choking a bit. He wiped his muzzle on Sasha's furry leg. "I would like that very much."


"What the hell do you want?" growled a stocky wolf, standing imperiously on the porch. An older, skinner wolf was emerging from the house behind him, looking hung over. His fur was matted up one side of his face.

"This is about Tommy." said Sasha firmly.

"He ain't here, the damned slut run off." the older wolf snarled, wiping the sleep from his eyes, "Now get the hell off my property."

"You will not [deprecate?] him in my presence!" he commanded, drawing up to his full height. That put him on eye level with the wolves who were standing on the high porch. They shifted on their paws nervously.

"You have betrayed him. He is under my protection - under the protection of my family. You will not touch him, speak to him, or go near him! If you do, you answer to me and mine!"

"Now wait a goddamned minute." the older wolf snarled, "Thats my son you're talking about, MINE. MY son to do whatever the hell I want with."

"NYET!" Sasha barked, the sound echoing off the barn. He continued a little more quietly. "No! He is NOT your son any more! You have betrayed him. Now stand aside, I have come for his things. [you depicable cowards]" He started towards the porch.

The younger wolf bristled, stepping in front of the massive canine. "Hey!" he snarled, baring his teeth.

The older wolf pulled him back. "Leave him Shane." he snarled, growling at the dog as he walked up the steps. "we'll take care of it later."

"yeah, okay da." Shane muttered through his growls.

They followed the dog into the house and up the stairs. Sasha wasted no time in dancing through the clutter. He simply shoved it in front of him in a big pile, mostly blocking the hallway beyond Tommy's doorway. In Tommy's room he placed the blanket on top of the large trunk. Picking it up he turned and marched out of the house. He didn't even pause as he left, dissappearing down the road without even a glance over his shoulder.


Tommy nestled comfortably between Sasha's legs, leaning back against his warm front. They were naked despite the hint of chill on the air, so his massive warmth was welcome. They both held a simple short fishing poles, unconcernedly dangling the hooks in the water. A few fish swum in a bucket nearby, along with the rest of a ball of string and a utility knife stuck point-first in a log.

"Sasha?" Tommy murmured quietly, not wanting to disturb the peace.

"hmm?" rumbled his friend.

"Do you think we have enough?"

Sasha reached over and tipped the bucket towards him, peering at the contents.

"Maybe. Two, three more." he said. "This is making me hungry."

Tommy leaned back, nuzzling up at his friend's chin. "you're always hungry."

"I'm a growing boy!" grinned Sasha, rubbing Tommy's chest and stomach under a giant paw. Tommy's arousal grew quickly, standing out from his crotch eight inches of foxy dick. The big paw found it at the bottom of one of the rubs and fondled it, squeezing its entire length and his balls inside his paw.

Tommy felt the canine's response, a thickening in the sheath pressed against his lower back. The fox levered himself up a bit, grinding his tailbase along the canid sheath behind him. "See, thats not the only thing growing!" he teased.

"No, Tommy." Sasha objected, but not strenuously, "we must fish for our dinner!"

"we can still fish." the fox smiled, wedging his tailhole against the already swelling sheath, feeling the thick, soft tip warm and slippery against his pucker. He held the pole, dipping the hook into the pool demonstratively. "See?"

His answer was one of his friend's giant paws sliding around and holding him close as he spread him with gentle pressure, easing his boned cock into the fox. "well, okay." he concented faciciously. He flexed his hips and Tommy gasped as his friend's cock once again plunged deep into him. "Oh Tommy" he murmured into his friend's ear, gently working himself in and out. The fox's ass was smooth and slippery, so snug and gentle around his cock. "[I adore you.]" he whispered.

Tommy held the pole in his paw, giving himself to the dog's hold. The dog knelt behind him, supporting the slight fox against his front with one paw. As the gentle feeling of the big cock stretching his insides sent increasing pleasure to his head, the fox watched the fish swimming around in the pool below. His cock twitched as the dog's thickness slid against his prostate, and a white drop of foxy precum hit the water. As the ripples smoothed, he saw it drifting down. Several of the fish came over to investigate. He moved his pole slowly, almost abstractly as he watched, bringing the hook to the group of fish. The thrusts inside him became longer, he could feel the giant dog's hips pressing against his.

"urrrf." rumbled Sasha, his cock swelling rapidly as he slid home, the rush of pleasure almost causing him to drop his fishing pole. The fox's silky gentle ass tightened as he hardened fully inside him, swelling thick and hard. His balls and tail twitched in time with the powerful jets of canid seed that he pumped into his friend. The fox trembled beneath his paw which held him close. His nose caught the musky scent of fox cum on the air, and the soft splopping noise as it splashed into the pool. Suddenly Tommy yipped.

"I got one!" he said. His careful positioning of the hook yielded a larger fish than the others in the bucket, he held it above the water as it struggled on the hook. Sasha smiled, settling back again, letting Tommy's weight press him down onto his pumping cock.

"Good good! Bring it here." he said, still panting from orgasm, "hold this." He handed Tommy his pole and gripped the fish firmly in his paw. It struggled but he managed to extract the hook and drop the wriggling fish into the bucket.

Tommy yipped again! "Another!" he said, lifting another struggling fish almost as large as the former from the water.

"This is good luck." said Sasha, adding the last fish to the bucket. "This is a good dinner."

"Fishing best with a cock in my ass." grinned Tommy, wriggling his butt to feel the enormous fullness inside him shift and throb.

"Rrrf, So it seems!" chuckled Sasha, hugging Tommy against his front. "It will be our secret fishing technique!"

Tommy grinned and hugged the powerful arms that encircled him.


Tommy hugged his knees. Sasha hugged him from behind, Alexandr's kindly face was looking at him in concern.

"I... I don't want to talk about it." he said, shivering a bit, tears leaking out of his eyes.

"I know it hurts." Alexandr said softly, "but we cannot run away from it."

Tommy frowned and looked at the floor. He supposed he may as well tell them.

He started slowly. "It... It was after mom died..."

"Right after?" asked Alexandr gently.

"No papa," Tommy said, "a year, maybe. He had been dumped by his girlfriend. I was watching TV and... he..." Tommy squeezed his eyes shut and hugged his knees tighter. He spent so much time trying not to think about it.

"Its okay, you can cry." murmured Sasha in his ear, arms warm around him.

Tommy let the tears flow. "he... he made me suck him. I didn't want to, but he made me. Whenever I tried to stop, he'd hit me." He slid a paw down his side. "I had bruises for weeks. I couldn't even sleep."

Tommy cried for awhile. "It went on for awhile." he managed. "then... shane..." He convulsed in sobs.

Sasha petted Tommy gently, they all waited for him. After a bit he clenched his teeth and growled.

"He found me and da." he spat, "and decided he was gonna fuck me."

Tommy starts living with Sasha's family. They go fishing, they work in the garden,they eat lots of food together - general happy family stuff



Tommy pedaled down the road, his russian friend trotting alongside with long, easy strides. His long fur flowed in the breeze, tail wagging gently as they moved down the road at a good clip. It had been weeks since Tommy had seen his father or brother, and it was good riddance as far as he was concerned. That bad memory just didn't seem to want to fade.

They heard the rumble of a truck driving up behind them, and they moved off to the side to give it room to pass. Just as it was passing, the wheels squeeled as it veered hard, hitting Tommy's bicycle and knocking it into Sasha. Tommy flew through the air, tumbling painfully into the ditch. He shook his head, stars flashing in front of his eyes. He sat up and saw Sasha, his leg twisted at a very wrong angle under him laying a few feet away, snarling angrily. Suddenly he was grabbed and lifted. He struggled, yelping in surprize and outrage. He saw Sasha trying to move towards him, hackles raised and snarling in a terrifying manner! Then everything went black.


Tommy sputtered as water splashed over his muzzle. Why was there water in his face? He shook his head and tried to wipe his face, but his hands were... his hands were tied. He blinked the water away, trying to get a look around. Pain exploded in his gut, the wind rushing out of him, he hung against whatever was tying his arms, struggling to get a breath.

"Run off, willya?" came a low snarl. His stomach dropped. It was his father.

"You're fucking him, aren'tcha?" he snapped. Tommy had just managed to get a look at where he was. It looked like the basement of the farmhouse.

"Wha? Who?" he sputtered, panic surging in his veins.

"The damn giant! Think you can just run off and he'll "protect" you from us, huh? Fat lot of good that did!"

"heheh." his brother chuckled. Tommy could smell rank beer and piss. "Shoulda seen him there in the ditch, frothin and snappin helpless. We fixed him good."

"No!" shouted Tommy.

He was rewarded with a smack to his jaw that rocked his head back, slamming it into something that clanged hollowly behind him. Stars swum in his vision, he shook his head trying to clear it.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP" howled his father, screaming in rage, "You are MY son, and nobody, like NOBODY is gonna just walk up and take you away!"

Shane continued to snigger, then drowned it with liquid, probably more beer.

"Lets show this slut who is in charge around here, Huh da?" Shane growled.

Tommy heard the familiar chink of Shane's pants hitting the ground. He growled. They would not. He wouldn't let them. He was better than that, Sasha and Alexander and [wifename] were proof! A hot liquid was splattering over his face. He sputtered, trying to turn his head away but it followed. He caught sight of his father, standing on a chair for height, peeing on him. Marking him. He wilted, ears drooping, humiliated. The image of Sasha struggling in the ditch came to him, and he growled. He grit his teeth and raised his ears, snarling through slit eyes at the attempted denigration.

"Oh, so Thats how it is now, eh?" his father barked, going over to a workbench long ago used for food storage preparation. He picked up a large rust speckled knife. "See how you react to this, eh?"

Tommy struggled. His right paw was loose, if he could just get it past his thumb, he would be half free. His legs were held by a chain or something, he could feel it loosening as he shifted. He strained as his father advanced on him, then sputtered again as Shane started marking him. His thumb cramped and slipped through the loop, and it was free. He brought his paw around and grabbed his father's wrist, as he yanked hard at his foot. It came free from the chain and he kicked desperately. It wasn't enough, his father was stronger and had more leverage. He got ahold of an arm and bit down, sinking his teeth into the flesh, the sickening feel of live meat giving way beneath his teeth tempered by his anger and fear. A searing pain came from his thigh, causing him to scream in agony. Then everything exploded into darkness again.


"There, he's waking up now."

Tommy recognized Shane's voice.

"We wanted you to be awake for this, slut." he continued.

Tommy's head was pulled up sharply by something in his muzzle. He was tied much tighter this time, his arms and legs and tail aching from the pull and the dig of the ropes. His muzzle was held wide by something wooden. Shane was standing in front of him, he could see a makeshift bandage around his forearm. Good, he'd bitten something then. He tried to look around but he couldn't move his head, held in place by the wood and ropes tied tightly around his head and neck. He settled for growling.

"Shut up." came his father's voice. "You run off, and when brought back you bite your own brother. I'm afraid the testosterone has gone to your head." Tommy heard a snipping sound. "So off with the balls, I have no choice."

Tommy convulsed, struggling against his bonds. No! They couldn't! He snarled helplessly around the block of wood.

"heheh, I don't think he likes that idea." sniggered Shane. His father came into view, carrying a pair of very sharp looking shears.

"I was thinking we'd do it like with the sheep, ya know, with the rubber band. But thats not quick enough. Or painful enough, for the likes of you." The man growled at him, eyes narrowed. "You're gonna FEEL this." he said, snipping the air with the sheers.

Tommy started to panic, eyes wide. They couldn't, he wouldn't let them, he snarled around the block helplessly, flexing and struggling with panicborn strength against his bounds, but to no effect.

"But." the father said, "Not yet." He hung the shears right in front of him on a hook over the workbench. "No, we're gonna leave you here to think about it for awhile." He belched. "After we have some fun."

Tommy closed his eyes and shuddered, trying to think of being safe in Sasha's arms. To think of being safe with the Ovchorkas again. But all he could see was the struggles of Sasha in the ditch. He whimpered pitifully. Shane's keys hit the ground again. His ass tightened, his tail twitching. So that was why his tail hurt. It was tied up against his back. He couldn't stop anything. He was completely helpless. He started breathing rapidly, eyes closed tightly. It wouldn't last forever. It wouldn't last forever.


Tommy woke in almost total darkness. He could smell some onions, some potatoes. The root cellar? What had happened flooded back to him. Biking, Sasha, the crash, being beaten, stabbed. And raped. He winced hard as he tensed at the memories. He wasn't tied up any more, but he was in a heap on the floor. He slowly disentangled himself. His thigh was matted with blood, the wound still seeping, untended. It felt hot, feverish. His head had several sensitive lumps on it, and his ass hurt. But as he moved there was something more, something very deep inside him, like somebody had stabbed him deep inside the gut. He probed his stomach a bit and winced. What had they done? What became of Sasha? He had to find out!

He felt his way over to the door and tried to open it. It was barred firmly from the other side. He could see through a crack into the dimly lit basement, just a little light filtering in from the stairwell off to the left.


Sasha gets his parents and they go to the farm to confront Father and Brother. Shots are fired by Father or Brother. In the chaos in his panic, Tommy manages to escape the root cellar. He finds Sasha, unconcious, bleeding on the front lawn. His parents are fully involved with father and brother, essentially ripping them to shreds. The house is on fire.

Unable to deal with it Tommy runs, walks, and continues until he gets close enough to town to find a bus. Here he finds Jargan as we have seen already

Tommy lives with Jargan for awhile as we know.

Tommy learns what happened when he is summoned by the estate procedings of his father - the man is recorded as having died in a fire that engulfed the house, starting in the kitchen. Since the farm is well away from others the alarm came too late to do anything, the house was fully engulfed. The Ovchorka's snd Jargan's mother both step forward to formally adopt Tommy and the court lets Jargan decide. He chooses the Ovchorkas and they are appointed his guardians. About the same time he finds out Sasha survived, and with thanks to Jargan's mother goes back to live with them.

Jargan, in the meantime, takes up more relationship with Lek, who treats him like a puppy praising his big cock which pleases the narcissistic coyote to no end.

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